इतना मसल्स के ट्रक को भी मसल के रख दे top 5 bodybuilder leady in the world

इतना मसल्स के ट्रक को भी मसल के रख दे top 5 bodybuilder leady in the world

top 5 female bodybuilder in the world


female bodybuilders

Friends, most people believe that women are less powerful than men, and they always have to maintain their body, and slim and soft body is considered right for them, for which women also work hard and Things like dieting and yoga are also adopted, by the way, friends, how do you think about women’s body building, please give us your answer on the comment box Will tell Because in this video of today’s friends, we will introduce you to some women who can beat even good men, so friends will watch this video till the end so that you can enjoy this video completely and if you like this video then like it Do not go without doing it because one of your likes works for us.

Brigita Brezovac: – Friends, when she was 14 years old, she saw a picture of the classic female body builders of her time in the gym at her boyfriend’s house, which made them think of bodybuilding, and when At the age of 22, she entered the world of bodybuilding in 2001, after that in 2010, she participated in Miss Olympia Contest for the first time and came in tenth place and then after that Su continued to participate in the Miss Olympia Contest for 2 years and would remain in the Top Five, but she finally won the Miss Olympia Contest in 2013, it was physically strong enough to beat anyone and in 2013 when She won the Miss Olympia Contact, after which she retired from bodybuilding. Yaxeni Oriquen- Garcia – Friends, this bodybuilder belongs to Venezuela, and people also know him by the name of Yaxeneger. And this is Venezuela’s only bodybuilder to have won the Miss Olympia title, friends since she started her body building career in 1989 and has since kept her full focus in bodybuilding. Friends, she won the Miss International Award five times in 2002, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2012 and showed everyone that the love for body building is not there.

Verginia Sanchez: – Friends, this bodybuilder from Spain started his body building at the age of 17 and when he participated in his amateur competition, he was only 19 years old, now it is around 40 years But it is still able to give a strong competition to anyone, their biceps are 17 inches, now you can think that not only the men after their old age, but also the women themselves. To maintain with aging is fully capable.

Iris Kyle: – When friends Callie went to California and saw fit and good looking people around her, she also thought of getting fit and due to this thought, she started to gym but when she started doing gym she The trend grew so much that he prepared himself like a huge bodybuilder, let me tell you, that Kelly is one of those bodybuilders. Was not that what a girl or guy everyone feels fear. Friends, she has won Miss Olympia as well as two heavyweight championships and 7 Miss International Awards. Her contribution to the world of bodybuilding will always be remembered.

Kristy Hokins: – Friends Christie is a bodybuilder as well as a chemical engineer, her bodybuilding career started when she was just 15, in fact, when she went to school she was overweight, Due to which he thought of going to the gym and gradually he became so fond of gym that he thought of doing it professionally and in 2008, he participated in Miss International Competition in which She came in 14th place, then in 2009 she also participated in Miss Olympia Contest in which it came in 7th place, however it could not win her as much love was from her engineering as much as she loved bodybuilding, so bodybuilder Along with these they are called chemical engineers.

Friends, there were some bodybuilder women who surprised the good with their body building, so you will not forget to comment and tell us how you liked this video and to get more such interesting videos, like our channel share and Don’t forget to subscribe Thanks.


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