30-Minute Full Body Strength Training Circuit

30-Minute Full Body Strength Training Circuit


This CIRCUIT TRAINING WORKOUT consists of 16 strength training exercises; working every major muscle group in just 30 minutes. 
Think legs and shoulders, and chest and back. Pairing large muscles groups together to fire up your metabolism and increase calorie burn while building lean muscle mass. 

This Strength Workout is great for all seasons of life, making it a pregnancy workout, postpartum workout, and cross training strength workout for runners or endurance athletes. 

EQUIPMENT: Medium-to-Heavy Set of Dumbbells. I suggest anywhere from 8-20 lbs. I also suggest having multiple sets of dumbbells to adjust weights throughout the workout. Try starting each set with a heavier set of dumbbells and drop or adjust dumbbells as needed when you feel your muscles fatiguing.

INSTRUCTIONS: This circuit training workout is broken down into 4 blocks. Each block consists of 4 strength exercises: base, build, stable and unstable. 

We’ll perform 10-12 repetitions per strength exercise and repeat each block x 2 sets. Except block 4, core, will only be completed once. 

So grab a set of medium to heavy dumbbells, press ‘play’ and follow along with this guided workout video. I’ll coach you through each strength exercise. 

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AND once you finish this workout, stretch it out with this 10-Minute Recovery Yoga Flow

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