4. Does the amended Rule prohibit adults, such as for example moms and dads, grand-parents, instructors, or coaches from uploading photos of children?

4. Does the amended Rule prohibit adults, such as for example moms and dads, grand-parents, instructors, or coaches from uploading photos of children?

COPPA just covers information collected online from kids. It doesn’t protect information collected from grownups that will pertain to kiddies. Hence, COPPA just isn’t set off by a grownup uploading photos of young ones for a basic audience website or into the non-child directed part of a mixed-audience web site.

Nonetheless, operators of sites or online solutions which are mainly directed to kiddies (as defined because of the Rule) must assume that the individual uploading a photograph is a young child as well as must design their systems either to: (1) give notice and obtain previous consent that is parental (2) remove any youngster images and metadata just before publishing, or (3) produce an unique area for publishing by grownups, if that may be the intention.

5. My software is directed to kids. A kid can upload photos to the software and manipulate and enhance the pictures in numerous methods, nevertheless the software doesn’t transfer any private information (pictures or perhaps) through the child’s unit. Have always been we “collecting” personal information as the youngster is getting together with a picture saved in the device?

No. You’re not gathering private information due to the fact personal information to your app interacts that is saved from the unit and it is never ever sent.


1. We immediately gather geolocation information from users of my children’s software, but i really do perhaps perhaps maybe not utilize this information for such a thing. Have always been we in charge of notifying moms and dads and having their permission to such collection?

Yes. COPPA covers the assortment of geolocation information, not merely its disclosure or use.

2. Let’s say I give my users an option to show down geolocation information? Do we still need to alert moms and dads and acquire prior parental consent?

COPPA is made to notify parents and provide them the decision to https://datingmentor.org/colombiancupid-review/ consent. Therefore, it is really not adequate to give notification that is such option towards the youngster individual of a web page or solution. The operator will be responsible for notifying parents and obtaining their consent prior to such collection if the operator intends to collect geolocation information.

3. The amended Rule covers “geolocation information adequate to determine road title and title of town or city. ” Imagine if my children’s software just collects geolocation that is coarse, tantamount to collecting a ZIP code but absolutely nothing more specific?

COPPA does not require an operator to inform moms and dads and get their permission before gathering the sort of coarse geolocation services described. Nonetheless, the operator must be quite sure that, in every circumstances, the geolocation information it gathers is much more basic than that adequate to recognize road title and name of town or city.

4. The geolocation information we gather through my software provides numbers that are coordinate. It generally does not particularly determine a street title and title of town or city. Do i must inform moms and dads and obtain their permission in this instance?

COPPA covers the assortment of geolocation information that is“sufficient recognize road title and title of town or city. It doesn’t need the real target identification of these information at the time of collection. An example where COPPA will be triggered is when an software takes the user’s longitude and latitude coordinates and translates them up to an exact location on a map.


1. Am I responsible if kiddies lie about what their age is throughout the enrollment procedure to my basic audience website?

The Rule will not need operators of general audience internet web sites to research the many years of people to their web web sites or services. See 1999 Statement of Basis and Purpose, 64 Fed. Reg. 59888, 59892. Nonetheless, operators will likely to be held to own obtained actual familiarity with having collected private information from a son or daughter where, as an example, they later learn of a child’s age or grade from the concerned moms and dad who’s got discovered that their kid is participating on the internet site or solution.

2. I’ve an online solution that is meant for teens. How exactly does COPPA affect me?

Although you may possibly plan to run a “teen service, ” in reality, your website may attract a considerable wide range of kids under 13, and so might be regarded as being a “Web web web site or online solution directed to children” under the Rule. Just like the Commission considers a few facets in determining whether a website or solution is directed to kiddies, you too should think about your service’s matter that is subject visual content, character alternatives, music, and language, on top of other things. In case your solution objectives kiddies as you of its audiences – even in the event young ones aren’t the main market – then your service is “directed to young ones. ”

In circumstances where kiddies aren’t the principal audience of one’s child-directed service, the amended Rule enables you to use an age display so that you can offer COPPA’s defenses to just those site visitors whom suggest these are generally under age 13. Remember that web sites or services directed to children cannot utilize the age display to block kids under age 13. See FAQ D. 2 above. Once you identify child visitors, you may decide to:

  1. Collect moms and dads’ online contact information to offer notice that is direct order to get parents’ consent to your details collection, usage and disclosure methods; or
  2. Direct son or daughter people to content that will not include the collection, usage, or disclosure of private information.