40-Min Awesome Lower Body Workout

40-Min Awesome Lower Body Workout


This 40-minute lower body workout is great for all levels of fitness and can be done at home or the gym.

Tools needed: a pair of heavy dumbbells

1. Plie Squat
2. Deadlifts
3 x 45sec

3. Jump squat OR my no-jump version
4 x 20sex

4. Around the clock lunge – left leg
5. Other leg
2 x 50sec

6. Sumo squat jumps OR my no-jump version
4 x 20sex

7. 1-leg chair pose squat
8. Same leg – 1-leg prone squat
9. Other leg chair pose
10. Other leg prone squat
2 x 40sec

11. Stay low pendulum lunge
12. Other leg
13. Bridges with weight
2 x 40sec

14. Squat jumps forward and backward OR my no-jump version
4 x 20sec

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