5 Gym Machines To Avoid for Thighs, Back and Abs (And What Exercises To Do Instead!!)

5 Gym Machines To Avoid for Thighs, Back and Abs (And What Exercises To Do Instead!!)

Get the RIGHT exercises to meet your fitness goals

All those crazy looking weight machines at the gym…there are some that we’re not even sure what they do! What we do know is that not all gym machines are effective, and there are some that you’d be better off skipping altogether!

In this video we show you the 5 worst gym machines for women. Don’t make these workout mistakes! You’ll be wasting your time and you could get injured! We’ll also show you which ab, back and thigh exercises to do instead that are far more effective than what you can do on this gym equipment.

Here are the 5 Gym Machines to Avoid:

Worst Thigh Exercise:
– Avoid the hip adductor/abductor machine and do a side plank leg lift instead

Worst Back Exercise:
– Skip the lower back machine and try a full body move like the “superman”

Worst Ab Exercises:
– Ditch the ab coaster and try the plank knee tuck
– Don’t use the crunch machine, instead do these crunch variations
– Not even sure what this weird ab machine is called. Whatever it is, just avoid it. Try this sit up variation instead.

If you’ve been doing machine workouts for a while, here’s the take home message. Most of the time you’re better off working with bodyweight or free weights (dumbbells) if you want to build strong, sexy muscle tone. Plus, you avoid sweaty gym machine seats and long waits!

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