55 Minutes Back, Abs, and Core Workout | Men Over 40 Weight Loss

55 Minutes Back, Abs, and Core Workout | Men Over 40 Weight Loss

(The 180º in 90 Daily Vlog) Wednesday, Day 63 of 90 – If you’re looking for a time manageable, back and abs busting workout that will leave you feeling great, then try the session I had today. It’s a feel good 55 minutes Back, Abs, and Core workout that will leave you feeling pumped! (Check out my results below to see how well I’m doing on my journey to lose 50 lbs in 90 days! ↓)

I am a 48 year old Celebrity Personal Trainer in Hollywood, who is also a husband and father of two, attempting to lose up to 50 lbs in 90 days. I gained this weight on purpose in an effort to show men my age how to do it both quickly and safely. Every single day I will show you what foods I eat, what supplements I take, and what workouts I am doing, to achieve this dramatic weight loss goal. That’s right…you’ll get all my tips, tricks, and secrets for absolutely FREE. (Pssssssttt…it’s down below in every episode!)



(Weigh In & Ultrasound Body Fat Test Done Every Friday)

*On 10/4/2019 (Day 1) – I weighed in at 254 lbs, and my bodyfat was at 24.1%, which means that 60.11 lbs of my body weight was fat.

As of Saturday 11/23/2019 (Day 52), I weighed in at 234.5 lbs, my body fat is currently 16.8%, which means that 39.5 lbs of my body weight is fat. Since Day 1, I dropped my bodyfat by 7% and burned off about 20 lbs of total body weight and put back on a few healthy pounds of muscle too. Although it’s not bad progress I really need to step it up if I want to drop the entire 50 lbs by day 90.

*I wasn’t able to do an official weigh in on Friday 11/29 “Black Friday” due to being out in Arizona. We’re heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow and I’ll get back on track this week. My next weigh in will be this coming Friday 12/6.



6 am – 24 ounces of coffee

9 am – 3 eggs, 4 oz of ham, half a bagel, 1 cup of fried rice

2 pm – Vegan protein shake w/ 1 ½ tablespoons of almond butter

9 pm – 4 oz of pork carnitas, 5 slices of bacon, 2 pieces of bread, small green salad, bite of wife’s birthday fudge


Another day of not quite so perfect eating. The continual celebration of my wife’s birthday today, along with my mom’s cooking breakfast for my visiting brother, just leaves too many opportunities for me to eat poorly. Again, I’m not stressing on it. It’s all about going with the flow and doing my best.



I did NOT take any vitamins today.

1 serving of the BZRK pre workout drink



*Did LISS cardio for 45 minutes in the morning

**Strength training in the afternoon

1. Wide grip thumbless pull downs – 4 sets 15/12/10/15

• Superset w/ Jackknives – 15/15/15/15

2. 75º angle, supinated grip, straight bar pull downs – 15/12/10/15

• Superset w/ Woodman Chops – 15/15/12/12 (each side)

3. 80º angle, rotating grip single handled cable row – 15/12/10/15

• Superset w/ Ab wheel roll outs – 15/15/12/10

4. Planked one arm dumbbell rows – 12/12/10/10


Always remember that the emphasis should be on your form and NOT on the amount of weight you’re using. Focus on the intensity of the squeeze and flexing the muscle first. If afterwards you feel that the weight could be heavier THEN add the weight incrementally.


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