Access Chair Cardio Workouts For Bad Knees | Donovan Green

Access Chair Cardio Workouts For Bad Knees | Donovan Green

Chair Workouts believes in keeping things fresh and in your face FUN! Donovan Green connects with members virtually once a month to stay connected and keeping the motivation level high. His energy is dynamic and his level of expertise is unmatched in the industry. You will learn how to do easy workouts while sitting down on a chair. Whether you’re too busy to get to a gym or work out or you’re at the office, etc, you can do these exercises to get fit and to stay healthy.

Donovan Green is a motivational speaker, health and wellness expert and author of No Excuses Fitness. His A-list clientele includes celebrities, politicians to physicians and top experts in the industry including Dr. Mehmet Oz. Donovan Green created Chair Workouts for individuals at any level and ability to reach their fitness goals from only using a chair.

The Chair Workouts program is developed to offer individuals the capacity to tailor their fitness workouts in the convenience of their home, office, training at their fitness center or the outdoors. The Chair Workouts is an innovative and interactive platform led by Donovan Green that allows the individual to take their fitness anywhere and everywhere. It is aimed to give people a new and better way to improve their health, fitness and well-being by using a chair. The Chair Workouts membership encourage members to exercise every day without hurting themselves.

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Find the best Chair cardio workouts with Donovan Green. You don’t have to stay unfit because you have an injury, feel too old, morbidly obese, a beginner, or you’re too busy to go to the gym. If you can sit, You can get fit with Chair Workouts.

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Why I created Chair Workouts:

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