Active Rest Day STRETCHING Routine for Women Over 50

Active Rest Day STRETCHING Routine for Women Over 50

Level ONE | NO floor work | SEATED + STANDING

This glorious STRETCHING ROUTINE is absolutely perfect for an active rest day, because it’s both invigorating and relaxing! We’re improving our flexibility and functional fitness with a few simple, easy-to-follow, dynamic stretches that are geared toward women over 50.

Why is stretching so important for our health as we age?

Muscles can stiffen and begin to atrophy if not used and stretched regularly
Tight, inflexible muscles can pull on joints, causing pain
Maintaining (or gaining!) range of motion and flexibility can prevent falls

Adding a gentle workout like this one to your weekly exercise routine can help you stay fit and active throughout your long, healthy life!

Exercises are both SEATED and STANDING, with no floor work or transitions to the ground.

Move gently through each exercise several times, holding the stretched position for slightly longer if desired

Arm Circles with sit and stand
Overhead Rainbow Reach
Reverse Hold Torso Twist

Toe Touch into Foot Plant and Reach
Plank to Pike
Calf Stretch into Hip Flexor Stretch
Cat and Cow
Deep Dangle

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