Beginning Strength Training Routine For Women Over 40

Beginning Strength Training Routine For Women Over 40

Many women believe if they just find the right workout, then they will be able to shed the uninvited pounds that have crept on in their 40’s.

While strength training is certainly the best form of exercise to burn fat, ensure muscle & bone strength, flexibility, agility and vitality, relying on exercise alone to get healthy over 40 won’t work.

In our 40’s we are in a perpetual state of hormone imbalance, which causes your body to hold onto fat despite all your best efforts with diet and exercise.

That’s why in the Balanced Hormone Effect Method, we focus on balancing your hormones naturally from all angles, in 4 steps.

Nutrition to heal your body at the core level and build your hormonal infrastructure to reset your metabolism.

Movement, using the Metabolic Lean Method designed specifically for your changing body over 40 like in this video.

Finding Peace & Fulfillment to reduce stress, which is a leading cause of hormone imbalance, and to design a life where you feel fulfilled.

Mastering your Motivation, so you can build and maintain the small, simple daily habits needed to create your Fit & Fabulous self over 40.

If you are ready to end the frustrated & frumpy over 40 trap and step into your Fit & Fabulous self, join the Balanced Hormone Effect Training to learn how.

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