Best Bikini Body Workout ❤ 14 Day Challenge

Best Bikini Body Workout ❤ 14 Day Challenge

❤ Hey lovelies! No voice over for this video. My phone shattered and broke, which was my fault haha! Next week the voice overs are back 😀 Oh and please ignore my ankle cracking, I’m so used to it, that I don’t even hear it so much, but once I started editing, I realized how well you can hear it! Sorry, just mute that part if it makes your skin crawl! Anyways, this workout is very fast paced and will get your heart racing and blood pumping, so you’re getting a great strengthening workout with a cardio element to it! All the rules for the challenge will be down below, I hope you guys like this video and the challenge and I will see you in my next video (a yoga video!!!), lots of love xoxo❤



1. Drink at least 2 liters of water.
2. Have at least one serving of dark greens or a leafy green salad.
3. Eat at least one serving of berries.
4. Eat 1-2 servings less of processed foods.
5. Follow workout schedule down below.

DAY 1:

This video x1 + Bikini Total Body Workout x1
Day 2:

This video x 1 + Quick Arms x1 + Quick Butt x 1

Day 3:

This video x1 + Quick Abs x2

Day 4: Easy Day

This video x1 + Post Workout Stretches x1

Day 5:

This video x1 + Post Holiday Body Workout x1

Day 6: This video x1 + Sexy Arm Workout x1

Day 7: Stretching Day

Quick Stretches x1 + Relaxing Yoga Stretches x1

Day 8:

This video x1 + Quick Body x1

Day 9:

This video x1 + Quick Back x1 + Quick Calves x1

Day 10:

This video x1 + Fast & Quick Workout x1

Day 11: Easy Day

This video x1 + Hip Opening Stretches x1

Day 12:

This video x1 + Total Ballet Body Workout #2 x1

Day 13:

This video x1 + Hotel Workout x1

Day 14: Stretch Day

How To Be Flexible x1 + Relaxing Yoga Stretches x1