Welcome Guys today, we are talking about building muscle and loosing fat with advanced OMAD ( One Meal A Day).

This is something you may not heard before, so i’ll give you the science and the basics behind this. The way that your body works, the way it processes sugar or carbohydrates, is that when you get carbohydrates, your body secretes insulin. Insulin causes certain receptors on your muscles, organs and fat cells that are insulin sensitive (have insulin receptors), to open up and receive the carbohydrates.

In order for you to gain fat is that, insulin causes insulin-receptors to be deactivated, while you have glucose running around in your blood stream, causing more insulin to be released and since the muscles and organs aren’t using it, it is used by fat cells and stored there.

In the cases of people who have type 2 diabetes, they have a high insulin sensitivity, so they need more insulin in order to reduce their sugar blood level. So in a nutshell the muscles do not need that much insulin to use glucose, so the fat cells that usually have high sensitivity end up storing the glucose by using the insulin.

Insulin and Insulin sensitivity decide what happens in terms of getting fat or loosing it.

Now when your body goes for some time without carbohydrates or any source of fuel for a while, your cells become more insulin sensitive, so your body needs less insulin to activate the insulin receptors in your cells. And that why there are MANY cases of people cured the TYPE 2 DIABETES with FASTING.

So I can restrict my carbohydrates, fasting until it is time where my muscles are primed for insulin responsiveness. And that usually happens right after we left heavy weight and exhaust our muscles.

So what we want to do to build muscle and loose fat is to use this cycle.

And this is What I usually do:

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I do My Cardio or muay thai kick boxing, And eat ketogenically, meaning high fat, high protein and very low carbs.

Then Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do my wight lifting days, where I left very heavy, and eat meals that are high in proteins and carbs and little to no fat.

So what ends up happening from a scientific lenses, what is happening is that i’m loosing my cardio days I’m using all the glycogen because i’m carbs depleted. I do replenishing my glycogen storage. Sunday again I eat ketogenically. Monday after my full body workout I again depleted a lot of my muscle glycogen.

Then What happens Super Compensation is activated where any carbohydrates that come in, is not stored as fat, is goes directly to the muscles. So with my meal I have a high carbs meal, like rice or potato to replenish my carbs storage.

This you’re changing between anabolic and catabolic states where you are more optimized best, to build muscle and loose fat.

Again you won’t get a lot of muscle BUT you are loosing fat!

So you put yourself in anabolic state on the lifting days so you gain muscles. And in the catabolic state you’re loosing a lot of fat!

And that’s pretty much it! that’s my secret! that’s the magic!

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