Do This Every Morning To Lose Back Fat And Bra Bulge || Leaner Back in 14 Days! No Equipment

Do This Every Morning To Lose Back Fat And Bra Bulge || Leaner Back in 14 Days! No Equipment

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8 MINUTES to lean and toned back AT HOME! Who’s down for this beginner-friendly fat loss challenge?!? Comment below if you’re going to start it.

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Getting rid of lower back fat and bra bulge can be challenging, especially when you workout at home and feel like you need weights to do all the correct moves. This is why i created a MORNING ROUTINE (that can be done any time of the day but i like to do it in the morning just like my other arm workout that i posted last week) that requires absolutely no equipment! You can do this workout and the arm workout (switching between them) every morning for best results.
Link to the arm workout:

Here is the workout:
1. stationary high knees 10/side
2. low impact burpees 10 reps
3. side to side reaches 10/side
4. good mornings 10 reps
5. superman pushups 10 reps
6. bird dog 10/side
7. glute bridge 10 reps
8. knee rolls (with arms out to side) 10/side
9. knee rolls with kick 10/side
10. back extensions (with forearms on the ground) 10 reps
11. reverse flutter kicks 10/side
12. plank leg raises 10/side
13. swimmers 10/side
14. 3 point back raises 10 reps

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