I Only ate CEREAL for 24 HOURS | 8+lbs | 15,000+ Calories | Casual(ty) Cheat Day Ep. 13

I Only ate CEREAL for 24 HOURS | 8+lbs | 15,000+ Calories | Casual(ty) Cheat Day Ep. 13

Welcome to my childhood dream. A Full Day of only Cereal Eating. It is #casualtycheatday #13. It was as amazing as I thought it would be except one small issue. Enjoy my Full Day of Eating (fdoe). #cheatday #cheatmeal #foodie #foodlovers

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I am a stay at home dad who also likes to workout. My daily tasks and my two children keep me very busy.
I discovered working out when I started my first diet. I lost over 80lbs (weight loss) using macros (IIFYM). When I started my first diet, I didn’t know anything about macros. Now I am an expert on macros, and I know how to calculate them and how to manipulate them to gain, maintain, or lose weight.
I have created many meal plans for me, and also for other people. Believe it or not, but it is actually fun doing.
I keep my nutrition straight to lose weight. My diet is typically on point, and I changed my lifestyle to be more health conscious. I included a lot of healthy foods in my diet that I never dreamed of eating before. I also do a lot of meal prep because I lose a lot of time for cooking when I have to drive my daughter to school.
I have a home gym because I do not have the time nor a babysitter to go to a commercial gym. I hope you like my workouts, and my strength gains in the progress.
My kids love being in the videos as well. Enjoy a glimpse in our family life.

Thank you for watching my videos. Have a great day!

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