Intermediate/Advanced TOTAL BODY Workout Plan!

Intermediate/Advanced TOTAL BODY Workout Plan!

What’s up, Achievers?! Jason here and today we’re expanding on Lauren’s “Total Body Workout For Beginners” and adjusting it for you intermediate/advanced folk out there! We’ve received a ton of questions on how to make Lauren’s plan slightly more advanced so here you go! Keep in mind that while you might be able to perform some of the advanced variations in this video, but still have a tough time on some of the exercises in the last video and that’s totally fine! Feel free to pick and choose, but just keep the main movement patterns in mind when you do.

Here’s the plan:

Day A:
Back Squat x 5-8
Pull Ups x 5-8
SB Deadbug x 6-8 each side

Staggered Stance 2KB Deadlift x 6-8ea
Push Ups Feet Elevated or On Med Balls x 6-10
Suitcase Carry – ~30 seconds each side

Perform 3-4 rounds of each circuit!

Day B:
Sumo Deadlift x ~5
2DB Bench Press x 6-8
SB Plank x 20-30sec

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 6-8ea
3 Point Row x 6-8 ea
Standing Overhead Press x 5-8 each

Perform a total of 3-4 rounds!

Optional 5-10 minute finisher of your choice!

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