Legs & Core Fitness Challenge For Women Over 40

Legs & Core Fitness Challenge For Women Over 40

If you want to improve your fitness level and get stronger when you are over 40, making your core stronger is your priority, it requires more than just doing more crunches or bicycle kicks. I have a great workout for you. Only 3 exercises, 3 rounds, burn the most calories (15-25 cals per minute), build muscles, build core, burn fat. Did I forget anything else?
Exercise #1: Squat with kettle bell (dumbbell is good too) – 30 reps x 3 rounds;
Exercise #2: double crunch with body weight – 16 reps x 3;
Exercise #3: double clean-press with 2 kettlebells – 8 reps x3.
This workout is from my live streaming fitness class.

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