LIVE video Q & A with Muscle Building Coach LEE HAYWARD

LIVE video Q & A with Muscle Building Coach LEE HAYWARD

The time stamps for all questions covered during our chat are posted below…

03:42 – I’m 33 years old, trying to lift 405lbs on the Bench. Currently, I’m at 315lbs. What do you recommend to get to 405lbs?

08:33 – What’s in the Total Fitness Bodybuilding App?

11:07 – Have you ever tried the carnivore diet?

13:24 – ​What are your thoughts about the Earthquake Bar?
[Follow Up 28:25] [Misunderstanding about Earthquake Bar] 🙂

15:54 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] I’ve been going through your recipe videos. I tried your quick
wrap snack attack, it was awesome.

19:15 – How intense should my workouts be in the gym? Should I go to failure every set?

23:32 – ​When I work out extremely hard, I feel like there is water in my ear. Has that ever happened
to you?

25:36 – ​I have been working out for a year now, but whenever I do chest press or bench press, my
chest gets fatigued or gives in after 2 sets of 10 reps. Is it because of poor muscle endurance or
because of poor ATP?

28:48 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] Carbs help me feel more energized and not so sluggish or
feeling like I’m starving myself.

29:19 – How long are you in Florida for?

29:36 – What is the benefit of taking protein and glutamine? I know that it helps you with soreness
and helps keep going, but are there any other qualities?

30:31 – How’s the Lat? I’m guessing from the pull-ups you did at Critical Bench that it’s healed.

31:55 – Is decline bench press a good idea? I hear it is dangerous because it causes high blood

33:12 – Do you have any tips to help with lat activation?

35:44 – ​I don’t feel hungry. I’m eating 1000 calories a day. I’m doing intermittent fasting and I’m not
losing weight. What do you suggest I do?

39:19 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] What I like best, take shower in the morning and then go to
the gym. No eating, nothing at all, only training.

41:27 – What is the best supplement for recovery?

42:31 – Who is your favorite competitor for the Arnold Classic?

42:53 – How much protein should I take a day? I’m 6’4”, 190lbs, trying to get huff.

43:41 – ​How long should I follow your beginners’ workout before I plateau?

46:23 – What is your favorite cardio machine? The Elliptical, the Treadmill or the Bike?

48:24 – How heavy should I work an injured muscle or tendon?

51:31 – I’m 44, I’ve been lifting for a while. I do 4 sets of 10/1 to 2 sets with a steady weight, the last
two will be heavier. Is that good?

52:38 – ​What are some good substitutions for lat pulldowns?

55:29 – ​Are bodyweight workouts only a waste of time?

57:47 – Should you eat after you work out or before? Should you work out in the morning or

59:47 – I’ll be posting a video covering ‘How to control late-night cravings’.

01:03:33 – ​I want to start lifting weights but I’m worried because I dislocated my right shoulder
about 11 years ago. What do you recommend my approach to start? What exercises should I start

01:04:15 – Should I take creatine every day or just when I train?

01:04:25 – Do you train to music, and what do you listen to?

01:04:47 – ​I mistrust supplement companies, to the point I avoid them now. I have a suspicion that a
lot of them use fillers and don’t live up to their claims. Do you think this is unreasonable?

01:07:15 – How do I get a super defined face like a bodybuilder?


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