New Fat Loss Workout by Adrian Bryant 🔥 BURNS 1000 Calories 🔥 Lose 40 Pounds by 2020

New Fat Loss Workout by Adrian Bryant 🔥 BURNS 1000 Calories 🔥 Lose 40 Pounds by 2020 to try my Fat Loss Plan FREE for 30 days because 👉🏿 “I started 5 days ago & I already lost 12 pounds” -Kaye Thornton

How to Lose Weight Fast,

1. 30 seconds of jumping jacks
2. 30 seconds of squat n pops
3. Rest 30 seconds
4. 30 seconds of ski steps
5. 30 seconds of burpees
6. Rest 30 seconds
7. Repeat this 16 times for a 60 minute weight loss workout

*1-thru-6 equals ONE set

This workout burns 1000 calories and after the workout you will continue to lose weight or burn more fat calories because your body is still recovering from this intense HIIT

Yes, you will lose weight all over your body (face, legs, arms, batwings, love handles, etc) and usually, You lose belly fat last.

No equipment is needed except for a chair UNLESS you are a beginner who is unable to do regular burpees.

This fat loss workout includes what I (Adrian Bryant) believes are the best exercises to lose weight at home. Please share your thoughts below on what your favorite is.

The name of this workout is called FCUK Being Fat because this is one of those workouts you do to lose weight fast.

For example, let’s say you need to lose 10, 20 or 40 pounds in maybe 2 to 3 weeks or within 3 months to get a mole? In that case, you would hire me to help you look much better to get that movie deal.

A printable version of this fat loss workout plan is available to those of you who have purchased my online plan. My program workout videos not seen on YouTube, diet plans customized for everybody and you get free 1-on-1 personal training from Adrian.

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