No Gym Full Body Workouts | Yash Sharma Fitness

No Gym Full Body Workouts | Yash Sharma Fitness

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The Workout

Shuttle Run
25m 4 Rounds Rest 60 second Repeat 3 Times

Resistance Push Ups
3 Sets 20 Reps

Kneeling Push Ups (For Beginners)
5 sets 10 Reps

Jump Lunge
3 Sets 15 Reps

Standing Lunge* (For Beginners)
3 Sets 10 Reps

Pull Ups
4 sets 8 Reps

Assisted Pull Ups (For Beginners)
6 Sets 5 Reps

Band Flyes
3 Sets 15 Reps

Band Rows
3 Sets 20 Reps

Side Raise
3 Sets 25 Reps

Tricep Push Downs
2 Sets 15 Reps

For Beginners ( Version 2 )
2 Sets 15 Reps

In this video coach, Yash Sharma shows an intense exercise routine to train your full body in a short period. At Yash Sharma Fitness we believe Fitness is a lifestyle. This workout is perfect if you have very little time to exercise. In this no gym full body workout, we will be training our chest, back, shoulders, legs and arms. For a proper chest workout, we need to perform a push movement and a fly movement, both of them are included in this routine. People underestimate the utility of a no gym full body exercise routine because they do not know how to make a proper workout routine. This exercise is scientifically designed to first target your Type 1 Muscle Fibres and then target your Type 2 Muscle Fibres. This routine is perfect if you are looking for an effective home gym workout for gaining size, workout at home for losing weight, full body workout at home or simply do not have time to travel to a gym and want to do gym at home. This body workout is good for losing body fat, building muscles, and toning your body. The biggest mistake people do in body workout at home or bodyweight home workout or home workout, in general, is the lack of intensity. Without intensity, your muscles have no reason to grow, for making this workout intense, we have included resistance band training in some exercises. Resistance band puts resistance in addition to your body weight, making the exercises more challenging and effective. This is the best full bodyweight workout for mass. This exercise routine includes the following:
1) resistance band bicep workout
2) resistance band chest workout
3) resistance band back workout
4) chest workout at home
5) bodyweight leg workout
6) back workout
7) leg workout
8) at home bicep workout

Yash Sharma is a former state-level footballer. Now a Fitness- Coach, Author & YouTuber. He has 8 years of experience in strength training and transformed over 100 clients. He aims to educate people about fitness and help them achieve their best version. Yash Sharma Bodytransformation has inspired lakhs of people to work on their self, work hard and achieve their goals. This channel aims to provide you with the best exercise science knowledge combined with actionable Yash Sharma Motivation.


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