One Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

One Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

Coach Sergei Karaliou will take you through Kettlebell Workout routine for the Fitness Enthusiasts and Personal Trainers.

This is beginners level kettlebell workout.
You will need only one Kettlebell for this workout routine.
Use a moderate size Kettlebell for improved conditioning and weight loss.
Use heavy Kettlebell for Power and Strength enhancement.

You can get a tremendous training session with just one kettlebell and a few basic exercises. Many training objectives could be accomplished, including muscle building, fat loss and conditioning. The video above breaks down and demonstrates a sample of such a training session.

One Bell Practice Session Outline:

Halo 5 each direction
Two Handed Swing 10
Backward Lunge 5 each side
Two Handed Swing 10
Kettlebell Bent Over Row 5 each side

Coach Sergei Karaliou recommends to use less coordinated or less stronger side first for unilateral Kettlebell movements- this will give you best way to practice this Kettlebell workout routine.


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