Strength Training for Females

Strength Training for Females

I’m hoping to brighten up the last few days with this post!

Last week I touched upon the benefits of lifting weights, today I want to shout out loud that Strength Training should never ever be neglected.

In the media and in certain publications both online and in the written press strength training for women is and was vilified and this misconception is still around today.

So many personal trainers are afraid to go “heavy” with their clients and also women don’t want to lift heavy with the fear of getting bulky and looking like a man!

First up, this is all bullshit.

Women will not get bulky lifting heavy weights!

I get asked this question time and time again and the answer will always be the same.

The answer is a resounding NO you won’t get bulky.

Women quite simply put don’t have the same amount of testosterone as Men! Testosterone being the hormone which helps to build muscle.

Honestly, You can’t go wrong with strong.

A well structured strength training program is the missing link for the majority of females.

It’s so important. Yet so many people avoid it!

You might “assume” my client does lots of cardio but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

3 x a week we train, we lift weights, we lift heavy weights, we push, pull, squat, hinge and train hard and with some serious intensity, and my client Mel has got stronger and leaner in the process, as you can see.

Today Mel joined the 105kg dead lift Club, I had to film this working set and I am the proudest PT in the world right now.

I looked back in my log book and when we started training on the 19th Jan 2019 we managed 60kg for 10 reps, fast forward to today 31st Jan 2020 Mel is now nailing 105kg x 6 reps with outstanding form.

The progress we have made is phenomenal and I am so proud.

This is not a fluke either, for approx a year, we have followed a periodised program which covers hypertrophy and strength and also structured de loads/blast and cruise phases as I like to call them.

Progressive overload dictates and we only increase the weight gradually.

Basically progressive overload means exerting slightly more effort than last time (lift a heavier weight or do 1 more rep) consistently.

Your muscles will constantly have to adapt to the changing workload and will constantly be rebuilding themselves to get stronger and bigger.

Take home message for everyone out there,

Strength Training will not make you bulky, it will get you stronger and leaner provided you eat well and follow proven recovery methods.

I’m sure my current and past female Pt clients can vouch for how amazing strength training is……. after viewing this video

DM me or 📞 for any information on personal training, bespoke programs, whether you are a complete beginner, or just want help with your technique or a program update.

I can help you! Strong is the new skinny

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