The Wedding Workout: Tone Your Arms, Chest & Back

The Wedding Workout: Tone Your Arms, Chest & Back

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Look like a knockout bride on your wedding day or turn heads in that dress your wearing to your best friend’s wedding by toning your arms, chest and back with this Wedding Workout. This workout consists of six exercises that will get you wedding ready!

The six exercises in this workout are:
1) Narrow row (right and left arms)
2) Narrow row with extension (right and left arms)
3) Push-up variation (wide to narrow alternation)
4) Superman
5) Chest fly
6) “Super Move” (Lateral raise to biceps curl to shoulder press to overhead triceps extension to pullover)

All of the exercises except for the Superman move are done with dumbbells. If you want to, you can use a similarly weighted device in place of dumbbells, just don’t use anything that will cause you to lose your form.

When you choose your weights, be sure to choose a weight that will make the last couple reps of your exercises challenging, but also will allow you to keep proper exercise form through each rep.

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