TRYING TO LOSE BELLY FAT? How to Lose Belly Fat Exercises and Diet For Women Over 40

TRYING TO LOSE BELLY FAT? How to Lose Belly Fat Exercises and Diet For Women Over 40

Weight loss transformation. Here are my exercises and tips on how to lose belly fat naturally, especially for women over 40. As we age, wieght lose gets harder. Losing belly fat isn’t a hard process if you’re consistent with exercise and diet. I’m not the cleanest eater but I’ve learned ways to lose belly fat. Losing belly fat has improved my health, running, and it’s better for my heart. Hiding belly fat rolls poking through my clothes was uncomfortable, made me self-conscious, and bruised my self-image.

I gained 27 pounds and couldn’t fit my clothes. The September 2019 photos on the left had me in tears 😭 because all my race shirts were so tight, I looked awful. Achilles tendinitis prevented me from running and I loss motivation to exercise.⁣

I vowed to get my health on track and start living my best life. I woke up with a plan and reset. The next week I was in the gym. The photo on the right is from February 2020 and I’m able to fit ALL my race shirts. I loss the belly fat and had a significant change in my body and inches loss. My workout routine with my trainer is motivation, building my strength to run and lose weight.

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