Weight Gain Protein Shake In Just 5 Minutes 🥛😍

Weight Gain Protein Shake In Just 5 Minutes 🥛😍

This is Weight Gain Protein Shake(Protein Smoothie) In Just 5 Minutes 🥛😍

In today’s world people with busy schedule often forget or intentionally skips their breakfast which is very wrong when comes to personal health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to avoid such situation I’ve come up with this video sharing an easy Protein Shake recipe, an easy protein smoothie recipe which only takes 5 minutes to prepare. This Protein shake recipe is not only healthy, nutritious but tasty also. And it will definitely help you in gaining weight by reducing your weight gain issues. This is a high calorie weight gaining protein shake recipe that you must definitely try atleast once a day for maximum benefits. Please find the ingedients below

1. 100gm Oats
2. 1 Large Banana
3. 300ml Full Cream Milk
4. 1 Scoop Whey Protein

Approx Macros of Protein Shake/Protein Smoothie
Calories : 960
Carbs : 110gm
Protein : 46gm
Fat : 26gm

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