Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 40 – Splitting up Your Workout

Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 40 – Splitting up Your Workout

(The 180º in 90 Daily Vlog) Saturday, Day 24 of 90 – Sometimes your schedule causes you to have to split your workout between two days. Here’s what I do! Hi, I’m Scott—a 48 year old Personal Trainer attempting to lose up to 50 lbs in 90 days. (For More Details See Below ⬇️)

For men, getting fit and losing weight after the age of 40 can be daunting. Not only are we faced with having to build muscle, with both lower testosterone and growth hormone levels, but due to the aging process we are also dealing with work related stress and body aches. There are of course a lot of great reasons to get in shape — like preventing early death or the effects of certain diseases—but figuring out how to do it yourself can be a little intimidating.


I’m a Celebrity Personal Trainer attempting to lose up to 50 lbs in 90 days. I gained this weight on purpose in an effort to show men my age how to do it both quickly and safely. Every single day I will show you what foods I eat, what supplements I take, and what workouts I am doing, to achieve this dramatic weight loss goal. That’s right…you’ll get all my tips, tricks, and secrets for absolutely FREE. (Pssssssttt…it’s down below in every episode!)


*On Episode 1, (October 4, 2019) Time To Get Serious! I weighed in at 254 lbs, and my bodyfat was 24.1%, which means that 60.11 lbs of my body weight then was fat.

**On Oct 12th, Day 9 – I weighed 243.5 lbs, and my bodyfat was 22.4%, which means that 54.7 lbs of my body weight is fat.

***On Oct 18th, Day 16 – I weighed 245 lbs, and my bodyfat was 20.9%, which means that 51.3 lbs of my body weight is fat. SO although I picked up 1.5 lbs on my total bodyweight, I lost 3.4 lbs of fat and picked up muscle.

****On Oct 25th, Day 23 – I weighed in at 240.5 lbs, and my bodyfat is 19.9%, which shows my fat weight to be 48.7 lbs. Which means that from the 4.5 lbs I dropped in total body weight, around 2.6 lbs of that was fat.

So far I lost 14.5 lbs and have 35.5 lbs more to go in 67 days! My next weigh in is on Friday 11/1!



7 am – 1 ½ tablespoons of apple cider vinegar w/ 6 oz of water, took 24 ounces of black coffee to work

12 pm – 3 whole eggs and 4 egg whites only (total of 7 eggs), scrambled with 1 cup of pico de gallo, 1 chicken & apple sausage

4 pm – Vegan protein shake with a 2 heaping tablespoons of natural almond butter.

7 pm – Chinese take-out, minced chicken lettuce cups, garlic chicken, with 1 cup of brown rice

9 pm – 2 dark chocolate soiree squares


Myovite vitamins – 1 package
Fish oils – 2,000 mgs


I didn’t eat perfect today but while on the go I made the best decisions at hand. Glad to have gotten in my 1 ¼ gallons of water and I slept incredibly well last night. Feeling good!


1. Triceps skull crushers – 3 sets 15/12/10
Superset standing Olympic bar curls – 15/15/15

2. Leaning dumbbell biceps curl on a bench – 3 sets 15/12/12
Superset with hanging glutes & lower back extensions – 12/12/12

3. Triceps dumbbell kickbacks – 3 sets 15/15/15 (both sides)
Super set with core rotations on the rotary machine – 15/12/10 (both sides)

4. LISS Cardio (Low Intensity Steady State) for 30 minutes at the end

**Daily dynamic stretches – (performed throughout the day)
• Air squats – 35 reps
• Resistance band external rotation pulls – 35
• Theraband bar rotational extensions – 30 on each arm


Completed the other half of my Arms & Abs/Core workout carried over from yesterday. Felt much stronger, not as sore, and way more focused. Awesome workout!


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