Why Are You Skinny Fat? | Should You Bulk Or Cut?

Why Are You Skinny Fat? | Should You Bulk Or Cut?

(2:46)- Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!

(3:08)- Building Your Meal Plan

(5:35)- Can’t Feel The Right Muscles Activate During A Lift? Fix It By Improving Mind Muscle Connection!


I have been asked this question too many times to remember, practically in the comment section of every one of my videos. So this article is for you, the men and woman who’ve self-labeled yourselves “skinny fat”.

But what exactly is “skinny-fat”? Well, if you currently are skinny fat, you’ll know. For everyone else, it’s someone who can be described as skinny and fat at the same time. It means you’re thin, but parts of your body are still jiggling a little bit more than you would like. The reality is that you’re just undertrained, and although you might be pretty thin, you still hold onto some fat, especially around the belly and chest area. But, before we get to how you’re going to fix this, let’s first understand what caused it in the first place.

The Reasons You May Be Skinny Fat
Being skinny fat can generally be attributed to one of three reasons…

1. People who were overweight to begin with, tried to diet down, but their diet was too extreme. Then, as a result, they managed to lose a ton of fat, but they also lost a lot of muscle mass in the process.
2. People who were skinny all along and then decided to start working out to build some muscle. However, unfortunately instead of building muscle, they started packing on fat because they didn’t know how to properly train OR plan their meal plan.
3. People who are just naturally skinny, don’t workout, and eat like crap.

Now, all of these scenarios lead to the same result; a skinny, non-muscular look with some persistent fat reserves around your belly, chest, arms, legs and maybe a little muffin top going on too. So does this sound like you? Well, if it does, I’m sure your next question is what can you do to fix it?

What Does Your Meal Plan Look Like?
If you’re a skinny fat person, this means you’ve got a fairly efficient metabolism, or else you would just be regular fat instead of skinny fat, and the problem with your current diet is that it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. You’ve been making loads of crappy food choices and most likely, you don’t even know what your calories and macros for the day should be. Does this sound familiar?

In a nutshell, you’ve probably been eating in a caloric surplus but most of the foods you’re consuming are unhealthy, high in fat, high in sugar and very low in protein. You can’t expect to build muscle without an adequate supply of protein. But since you’re in a caloric surplus, all these extra calories are simply turned into fat and stored in your fat cells, leaving you wondering why you’ve been eating MORE, but not seeing any muscle gains.

So, what I want you to do is watch my Meal Plan video very carefully, even two or three times if you have to, until you understand how much and what you need to be eating to gain muscle. My meal plan video is probably the most EASY to understand meal plan video in the world. But remember, once you construct your meal plan with a specific goal for calories and macros for the day you need to actually FOLLOW it daily. It’s okay if you diverge from the plan every once in a while, but the majority of your eating should be according to your meal plan, and don’t bother asking how many CHEAT DAYS you are allowed to have, because that is YOUR problem. Do you want to reach your goals FAST, or do you want them to take 10 times as long? That’s your answer to how many cheat meals, brownies, ice creams, frappes, chips, cookies and how much candy you can have.

And for those of you who don’t have the time to watch the video, here is the entire video in article format.

What Could Be Wrong With My Training?
Most people don’t realize that it is possible to eat right in terms of quality and quantity, yet still not make gains even though they’re training hard.


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