Why Fitness is Different For Petite Women | Q&A

Why Fitness is Different For Petite Women | Q&A

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Hey short babes! Today I am answering a Q&A / AMA! I put all of the questions below so you browse.
Enjoy ~ and please like this video if you support petite female empowerment.

Table of Contents
0:32 What is different about fitness for petites?
3:02 Does your fitness program for petites require a gym membership?
4:07 Do you wear headphones at the gym and if so what brand?
4:48 Do you have any public Spotify playlists?
5:13 Any programs I can do while I wait for yours to come out?
6:04 Intermittent fasting? Y/N?
8:23 I’m tall, would your program still work for me?
10:05 I developed a binge while counting calories, what can I do to help this?
12:12 I suffer a lot from gymtimidation when using weights at the gym. Help!?
14:26 Do you make Smalletics swag?
14:57 What are some Smalletics-approved fitness classes on Class Pass?
18:00 How can I increase my push-up count?
19:00 Where do you find leggings for petites?
19:31 What can us short girls do in terms of confidence and feeling small?
21:23 What is the metabolism?

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