Workouts For Men Over 40 / My Glutes/Legs & Shoulders Workout Explained

Workouts For Men Over 40 / My Glutes/Legs & Shoulders Workout Explained

(The 180º in 90 Daily Vlog) Wednesday, Day 28 of 90 – Let me show you how I layer my quick and efficient Glutes/Legs & Shoulders workout! Hi, I’m Scott—a 48 year old Personal Trainer attempting to lose up to 50 lbs in 90 days. (For More Details See Below ⬇️)

For men, getting fit and losing weight after the age of 40 can be daunting. Not only are we faced with having to build muscle, with both lower testosterone and growth hormone levels, but due to the aging process we are also dealing with work related stress and body aches. There are of course a lot of great reasons to get in shape — like preventing early death or the effects of certain diseases—but figuring out how to do it yourself can be a little intimidating.

So if you have 50 lbs to lose, or would like to just get back to a healthier lifestyle, I’ll show you exactly how to do it from Day 1 to Day 90. Just follow along in today’s episode, and watch me lose 50 pounds in 90 days.


I’m a Celebrity Personal Trainer attempting to lose up to 50 lbs in 90 days. I gained this weight on purpose in an effort to show men my age how to do it both quickly and safely. Every single day I will show you what foods I eat, what supplements I take, and what workouts I am doing, to achieve this dramatic weight loss goal. That’s right…you’ll get all my tips, tricks, and secrets for absolutely FREE. (Pssssssttt…it’s down below in every episode!)


(Weigh In & Ultrasound Body Fat Test Done Every Friday)

*On Day 1, (October 4, 2019) Time To Get Serious! I weighed in at 254 lbs, and my bodyfat was 24.1%, which means that 60.11 lbs of my body weight then was fat.

**My last weigh in on Oct 25th (Day 23) – I weighed in at 240.5 lbs, and my bodyfat is 19.9%. This shows my fat weight to be 48.7 lbs, which means I lost 12.4 lbs of pure fat, and also 14 ½ lbs of total body weight.

My next weigh in is on Friday 11/1!



5 am – 1 ½ tablespoons of apple cider vinegar w/ 6 oz of water, took 24 ounces of black coffee to work in my thermos

11 am – Vegan protein shake with 1 ½ tablespoons of old fashion peanut butter

12 pm – 4 oz of Nori (dried seaweed)

4 pm – 3 whole eggs & 4 egg whites only (7 eggs total), 3 oz of Korean beef bulgogi, 1/2 cup of fresh pico de gallo, 1/3 cup of fresh avocado, 4 oz of Nori

10 pm – 8 ounces of minced chicken, with veggies, lettuce wraps (butter lettuce leaves, carrots, onions, peas, water chestnuts, tomatoes, cilantro, spicy vinegar)


Myovite vitamins – 1 package
Fish oils – 2,000 mgs


That workout really got me hungry and I seriously enjoyed my meals today.



1. 45 minutes of LISS Cardio on a fasted stomach in the morning

2. External & Internal shoulder rotations – 3 sets 15/15/15 (for each shoulder)
Superset w/ Barbell Squats – 4 set 15/12/10/15

3. Banded Box Squats – 4 sets 15/12/10/12
Superset w/ Dumbbell military presses – 15/15/15/15

4. Legs extensions – 4 sets 15/15/15/15 (3 seconds hold each rep)
Superset w/ Delt pull-aparts – 10/10/10/10

5. Calf raises – 4 sets 30/30/30/30 (1 second hold on each rep)
Superset w/ side delt wide circles – 12/12/12/12


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